What would happen if you communicated your ideas?

Comunica tus ideas

 Today I want to write about the project “Comunica tus ideas.” Young people motivating young people to believe that they can create, that their ideas are valuable, and that fighting to make them a reality is not a waste of time.


In Public Relations classes

Third-year students of Social Communication at the UCA. One afternoon we arrived to class fifteen minutes before professor Cuenco. He taught us to ask questions about the advantages and disadvantages of failure and success.

We prepared our portfolio, practiced questions and answers, reviewed slogans, and after grooming ourselves a bit, we waited with patient anxiety for the class to begin. Those days in Managua, Nicaragua, the heat was the worst enemy of the students with formal clothing.

Paty and Alana were up first. Miztle and I were next. After reviewing the recording of our exercise, the professor provided recommendations on how to improve our appearance and body language in front of the cameras. The professor then asked, “who would like to repeat the exercise?” The first to raise his hand was Miztle Mejía.

Are the youth our future? 

I remember the hundreds of times that it has been said, “young people are the future of our country.” In each and every one of these occasions, this slogan has been said by biased politicians who analyze the youth from a distance, speak of their growth, suggest what they should do to improve, and even dare to develop plans for them to be successful. The detail that always seems to be neglected, however, is to remember that young people have the capacity to say what they want, what they think, and the future that they want. 

When you are fourteen years old, it seems that your ideas are not valuable because you do not have enough experience. And, when you are thirty years old, surrounded by experienced people, your energy and initiative may be considered dangerous and heterodox. And so we miss all the years of our youth.

Do you not have the feeling that we grow up with fears that are imposed by closed-minded people that always say “but” in the face of any novel project?

The sad thing is that our youth accept the infantile argument, “it is prohibited to walk without the help of an adult” with too much passivity. And, they surrender and believe it.


Our young people need that someone remind them that a closed door can be a possibility to raise their heads and see the open doors ahead of them. That behind a “No”, there are hundreds of other opportunities available for them. That it is possible to overcome the brutal pessimism and untrustworthiness that is directed toward the professional youth, who, on occasions, are forced to lose the battle before even beginning it.

Miztle raises his hand again, and today, through the project,Comunica tus ideas,” he wants to motivate young people to dare to dream, to express their ideas, and with the help of others, to formulate their life ambitions.

“Communicate your ideas” was born to remind the young people that they are the present, the here and the now, and that in their youth, lies the most precious treasure of our country.

Miztle, 26, who has been innovating and initiating new projects for a long time, is generating a positive change in the way of thinking of many college students. All of this is possible because the testimony of his personal and professional life transmits to other youth that the difficulties which were created can be overcome, and that errors and failures are welcome when you want to learn from them.

So I invite you to believe in this project that it be one of the many examples of young people who have dreams and strive to achieve them. Being a young entrepreneur is not prohibited. Just take the first step: dare to “communicate your ideas.”

© Francisco Díaz

Artículo original en español.  Traducción: Daniel Thomas Spotswood.

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